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Addiction Solitaire

Addiction Solitaire is a solitaire game, which can be played online. Also known as gaps solitaire(with almost the same rules and just slightly noticeable differences), it has a quite unique gameplay. Addiction solitaire gets it's name from the addiction it gives once you play it for a while and you understand the possible strategies.

For someone who plays addiction solitaire for the first time, it might seems a boring game where you have to click randomly on the cards. If you try to click it randomly you will lose very quick. This is why you need to use some strategies. It might also look an easy game because at every moment there are only 4 cards which are movable and you see all the cards. It shouldn't be that hard to pick the right one, isn't it? But if you plan in advance you will realize that at each step the number of options grows exponentially. This is where the beauty of it comes and the addiction.